The task was to create an iPad magazine given a set of fall recipes. Through competitive analysis we found that most of the dessert books were pink and "cutesy" which appealed to a more feminine readers. 

Our book, Beta Tasting, was garnered towards young, professional, and techie readers. We didn't want to show images of the perfect cupcake but instead wanted to showcase the process of making a dessert, which most often is messy. The competitors did not resonate with our readers.

Through our moodboard, we designed our typography, colors, and layout.

In addition to our radically different approach to dessert magazines, we included another interesting feature to captivate our readers. We shot our background photos while baking the last recipe of the book, Pomegranate cider baked apples with sugared pie crust strips. We connected the recipes through common ingredients and showcased the ingredient through our photographs. We then stitched the images into one long image which brought out the feeling of continuity when readers swiped through their Beta Tasting e-book on their iPads.